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Mastering Naps and Bedtime During the Festive Season

The holiday season, filled with joy and merriment, can sometimes throw a curveball into our little one's sleep routine. Fear not! Here are some detailed strategies to ensure smooth sailing through naps and bedtime:

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1. Bring the Familiar Comforts

Pack your child's go-to sleep companions, whether a favourite stuffed animal, a cosy blanket, or the familiar hum of white noise. These comforting elements can create a familiar sleep environment wherever you go.

2. Practice with the Travel Cot

If your travel plans involve a portable cot, make it a familiar space. Practice with it at home for a few days before your trip. Let your child explore and play in it during the day to build positive associations.

3. Familiar Scents for a Homey Touch

Pack used bedding, including sheets, sleeping bags, and pillows that carry the comforting scent of home. Familiar smells can provide reassurance in a new setting.

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What to do if we miss a Nap?

Firstly, don't panic! Then, acknowledge that holiday activities might disrupt naptime.

If naps are missed, consider an earlier bedtime or a brief power nap (Max 20 minutes) to prevent overtiredness going into bedtime.

4. Introduce a Bridging Nap for Early Mornings

When faced with an early start, offer a short bridging nap (10-15 minutes) when you see your little one starting to get sleepy. This not only helps your child make it to their regular naptime but it can also be a game-changer in maintaining a consistent routine.

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5. Embrace the Power of Motion Naps

Embrace the benefits of motion naps, whether a car ride, a stroll in the pram, or babywearing. The rhythmic movement can lull your little one to sleep, especially when the usual environment is disrupted.

6. Open Communication with Family and Friends

Discuss your concerns about nap schedules with family and friends. Open communication can lead to supportive solutions, ensuring your child's sleep needs are met even during festive gatherings.

7. Trust Your Parental Instincts

Amidst the advice and opinions, trust your instincts. You know your child's sleep cues and preferences best. Stick to the strategies that work for your family.

Lastly, remember that holidays are about creating cherished memories. Embrace the festive spirit, and don't let worries about sleep overshadow the season's joy.

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