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Optimising the Final Hour: A Guide to Better Baby Sleep

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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, the hour before bedtime often becomes an overlooked opportunity to set the stage for a restful night. Here are some recommendations to make the most of that crucial hour, tailored to enhance your baby's sleep routine.

1 Hour Before Bed: The Split Feed

Why it Matters: The split feed concept ensures your baby gets a substantial, wakeful feed. By providing a larger bottle or extended breastfeeding session, you're tapping into the baby's alert period, away from their sleep space. This can lead to a more satisfying and nutritious feed, setting the stage for a longer sleep duration.

45 Minutes Before Bed: Soothing Bath Time

Baby bath time

Beyond mere cleanliness, a warm bath is a powerful sleep cue. The soothing properties of warm water help your baby relax physically and mentally. The routine becomes a consistent signal that bedtime is approaching, triggering the body to prepare for sleep.

25 Minutes Before Bed: Play and Family Time

Incorporating play and family time is about releasing that last bit of energy. Whether your little one needs to burn off that last bit of energy with a short dance party or needs time to calm down with a few stories, which encourages positive associations with bedtime.

Toddler and baby cuddling

20 Minutes Before Bed: Transition to Sleep

The transition to sleep begins with brushing their teeth and then moving into the bedroom. These steps are vital for establishing a routine that signals the imminent arrival of bedtime. This is a good time for some cuddles and a lullaby while you get your little one into their sleeping bag and sleep space.

15 Minutes Before Bed: Settling Time

Allowing your baby time to settle in the cot is crucial for encouraging self-settling behaviours. This time creates a calm atmosphere in their sleep space, fostering a sense of security and routine.

While these recommendations offer a structured approach to the final hour before bedtime, it's essential to remember that each baby is unique. Tailor these suggestions to your family's existing routines and preferences, ensuring a seamless and soothing transition to a good night's sleep.

Nina x

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