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Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Well While on Holiday

Travelling with a baby can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining their sleep routine.

On my recent holiday, sleep looked very different to what I thought, and that was ok, it worked well. But it took me some time to get out of routine and just go with the flow. Some days wake windows were big and naps were later but this also worked because we were able to go out for dinner or enjoy a boat trip. On other days, my little one was grouchy and clearly needed some time to catch up so that's when we planned a chill day so he could sleep as much as he needed.

Child on beach

Here are some tips I used to help my little one sleep well while on holiday:

1. Bring Your Sleep Aids for naps on the go

Familiar sleep aids can make a significant difference in helping your baby sleep in a new environment. Pack items like:

  • White noise machines or apps: consistent background noise can help drown out unfamiliar sounds and create a soothing environment. I used Rockit’s Wooshh sound machine and it was great!

  • SnoozeShade: These can help create a dark, sleep-friendly space even in bright environments.

  • Rockit Rocker: great for giving your arms a rest if you are stationary on the beach or eating out.

Baby sleeping with rockit whoosh sound machine

2. Take Used Bedding

Bringing along used bedding can provide your baby with familiar scents and comfort.

Include items such as:

  • Cot sheets

  • Sleeping bags or blankets

  • Pyjamas

  • Comforter

These familiar items can help your baby feel more secure and relaxed in a new setting.

3. Plan Journey Timings Wisely

Strategically planning your travel times can make a big difference in your baby’s sleep.

Consider the following options:

Short journeys:

Plan them during a known wake window if you can keep your baby entertained. Use snacks, games, spinners, film etc.

Long drives:

Start your drive at the beginning of your baby's nap time so they can sleep through most of the trip. Use your portable white noise machine (like the Rockit Wooshh above) and give your little one their normal comforters.

Overnight travel:

If feasible, travel overnight to align with your baby's nighttime sleep schedule. Or plan a flight during the day, so if they don't nap on the plane, they can catch up on sleep later with their other naps.

4. Create a Dark Sleep Space

During summer months or in sunny destinations, light can disrupt your baby's sleep. To create a dark sleep environment pack your portable blackout blinds. These are easy to pack and can be used anywhere.

If you don't have blackout blinds use tinfoil, black bags, or a bedsheet to block out light effectively.

5. Stay Flexible and Don’t Stress

Understand that your baby's sleep routine might not be perfect while on holiday, and that’s okay. Focus on sleep when you can, let them sleep longer to catch up, and stretch wake windows to fit around your fun activities. Chances are your little ones will be so busy they will push through. However, when they do crash and you can see they are visibly tired, I would plan a chill day where you can focus on catching up on sleep.

Keep in mind:

Flexibility: Be prepared for naps and bedtime to be different from home.

Relax: Accept that your baby might need more or less sleep than usual. Adapt your routine as needed to ensure everyone enjoys the holiday.

By preparing with these tips, you can help your baby sleep better, ensuring a more enjoyable and restful holiday for the entire family. Happy travels!

Mallorca beach

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