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Does any of this sound familiar?

Is your baby struggling to sleep through the night or take regular naps? You're not alone. As a child sleep consultant at Sleepy Bambinos, I understand the challenges that come with trying to establish healthy sleep habits for your little one. Our proven methods can help you and your child get the rest you need to thrive. Let me help you regain your confidence as a parent and achieve the peaceful nights you deserve.

  • Establish a dependable nap routine

  • Create a relaxing bedtime 

  • Minimise night-time feedings

  • Eliminate those nighttime awakenings

  • Reclaim your precious evenings

  • Transition from co-sleeping

  • Conquer those early 5am starts

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Good Sleep Could Be As Simple As...

A baby in bed


A baby on a bed


What Well Rested Parents Say

I reached out to Nina when I was at the end of my little boy's sleep. I’ve gone from a baby who was waking every 1.5-2 hours during the night, only taking 30-45 min naps and needing me for constant support in the form of rocking. To a baby who has fixed their day napping and sleeps through the night all by self-settling! I’m able to put him down awake, which was unheard of before. We now have a better routine and overall happy happy parents and baby!


Honestly, I can’t thank Nina enough for all her time and patience with us both, she’s changed everything and I’m so grateful! I never had to worry for long as Nina was there to give advice or just to reassure me. I finally have my evenings back!

Megan S.

Nina spent time listening to my worries regarding Ivy's sleep. Even with Ivy's feeding issues added in Nina was able to give me a structured personalised plan to help Ivy self settle and ultimately sleep longer. Nina regularly checked in with us and was on hand whenever we needed support. Ivy is so much better with her sleep now and I feel like a new woman!

Abbie P.

Nina has been great with giving us help and advice to help our baby sleep better. She’s informative, very knowledgable and kind in her approach, which we really appreciated, and took into consideration the individuality and unique needs of our baby.
If we have any more issues in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again!

Hannah L.

I highly recommend Nina at Sleepy Bambino’s. She has helped me sort out my little one's sleep big time! Before, when I was giving my daughter the wrong wake windows and too short naps, it led to frequent night wakings and split nights. My daughter would rarely nap, in her cot, and she couldn't fall asleep independently, so focused heavily on me to help her. 

I can now put my baby in her cot, say goodnight, kiss her and leave the room and within 10 minutes, she has fallen asleep. My daughter and I are so much happier now!
The night before working with Nina, my daughter woke a whopping six times! Two nights after getting help, she woke once! 

Anna S.

What You Will Get

3-4 Days Sleep Analysis

WhatsApp Support

Personalised Sleep Plan 

Room Assessment

Written Day & Night Routine

Gentle & Effective Sleep Methods 

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