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  • What does a Child Sleep Consultant do?
    A child sleep consultant is a professional who specialises in helping parents address their child's sleep issues. They provide personalised sleep plans, guidance, and support to improve a child's sleep habits, ensuring a more restful bedtime routine.
  • Do you use the 'Cry it Out' method?
    No, I don't use the 'cry it out' method. I prioritise gentle, family-led approaches and room-based methods to support you and your child in achieving better sleep.
  • What happens if my child gets sick or there are disruptions to our routine?
    We can adjust the plan as needed to accommodate unforeseen disruptions. Flexibility is built into the process.
  • How does the consultation work?
    After our initial discovery call, you'll have the opportunity to schedule a convenient day and time for your consultation. It's important to note that you should set aside at least 3 days before the consultation to complete a sleep diary, which will help us understand your child's sleep patterns better. Once you've booked your consultation, I will promptly send you the sleep diary via email, along with clear instructions. You will also receive a Zoom link for the consultation itself. During our one-on-one meeting, we'll discuss your child's unique needs and sleep challenges. Following the consultation, within 2 hours, you'll receive your personalised sleep plan and routine. This plan is tailored to your child's age, sleep patterns, and your family's specific goals. It's designed for immediate implementation, so you can start your journey towards better sleep right away.
  • What can I expect after my consultation
    After your consultation, I will proactively check in with you on Day 1 to ensure you're comfortable with your personalised sleep plan. Following that initial check-in, the level of contact is entirely in your hands. Depending on your chosen support package, you can reach out to me whenever you need assistance. Instead of inundating you with messages, I respect your space and allow you to decide how much or how little support you'd like. This approach ensures you have the flexibility to reach out when you genuinely need assistance, making it easier to navigate any challenging days. I'm here to provide support and help you stay on track whenever you feel it's necessary. Your peace of mind and confidence in the process are my priorities.
  • Will my child Cry?
    It's important to understand that there may be some tears, as children often resist change. However, any tears are typically short-lived. My role is to support you and provide a plan to help you achieve your sleep goals.
  • Can you guarantee this will work for my family?
    While there are no guarantees in this process, I have a high level of confidence that if you work with me, fully commit to the plan, maintain consistency, and follow my guidance, you have an excellent chance of achieving the desired results. Success often depends on your dedication and adherence to the plan.
  • Can I Purchase Additional Support at the End of My Package?
    Certainly, you can extend your support if needed, which can be discussed towards the end of your package. I offer options for additional support to ensure your family continues to receive the guidance and assistance required for sustained sleep improvements.
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